8 Fitness Tips for Pregnant Women Secrets you never know

The healthy lifestyle makes a healthy generation. The fetus inside the mother’s womb absorbing the everything from the mother’s diet and also understands the surviving the situation. Physical fitness and mental preparation are very much important for pregnant women. Fitness routine during the pregnancy helps to strengthen the muscle and prepare the mother for a healthy labor. Pregnant women are recommended to follow simple exercises, walking, yoga, swimming, aerobics, etc. Above all healthy food is also important. Here are some of the tips for pregnant women.alty

1. Healthy food to eat

Pregnant women should concentrate on her diet. Recommended that healthy weight gain leads to lower the risk of health problems after pregnancy. Pregnant women diet should include fruits, vegetable, fish, milk, meat, and grains. Healthy snacks at frequent intervals are suggested. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices make them hydrated and prevent them from exhausting. Prescribed supplements for iron, calcium and other nutrition should be taken. Avoid canned and commercial products. Junk and fast foods need to be omitted. Hence a healthy and balanced diet should maintain throughout the pregnancy.

2. Follow doctors advice

A regular checkup in every month/week,  to diagnose the baby growth and mothers health. The discussion with the doctor clarifies the most doubt regarding personal health and other issues. As soon as pregnancy is confirmed, it is advisable to seek for a gynecologist advice. Organizing preplanned sessions with the doctor, right from the start to undergo scans and other examinations need to do. Should maintain and follow the fitness tips for pregnant women.

3. Get adequate sleep

Good sleep is adequate for baby growth as well for mothers health. Do not stress yourself. It is common for pregnant women, sleep is a rare thing. Due to stress and anxiety, physical discomfort and hormonal changes sleeping become more critical. Small naps for at least 20 mins in daytime is enough to boost the lost stamina. In the second trimester ending itself, it is advisable to sleep by the side than sleeping by the back. One may then follow the below listed for the better sleeping at night time.

  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Massage
  • Warm-ups

4. Regular exercises and stay active

Ultra fitness tips for pregnant women are choosing and doing regular exercises. Fit, healthy and active is important during the pregnancy. Walking and light exercises are recommended for the mother who didn’t have the habit of exercise before getting pregnant. Exercises make the mother active and baby smarter.  Regular exercise increases the neurons development of the fetus, thereby providing good memory power for the baby.

5. Playing music

As the baby inside the womb listening to the mothers sound and surrounding. A baby also responds the sound. Pregnant parents should talk to their child right from the end of the first trimester, as early we start talking to the fetus, that early we can connect with the baby. Telling stories, listening to mild kinds of music and singing are stimulating them to listens to the sound, though they do not understand. Soothing kinds of music are loved by the fetal baby which increases the concentration power. After the delivery baby still reminds the good time accompanied by their parents and identifies the music or sound and immediately respond to them. We can tune the children towards the correct things, right from they are inside the womb.

6. Pelvic floor exercise

Pelvis layer is supposed to bear immense pressure during pregnancy. Pelvic layer that supports the uterus and helps to maintain the bowel and bladder movement. Pregnancy hormone also makes the pelvic floor slightly weaker. This weakness can be observed while sneezing, laughing and exercising urine leaks indicates the weakness. Pelvic floor exercises during the pregnancy help to the strengthening of the muscles pre and post delivery.

7. Routine things

Walking instead of car or bus for a smaller distance. Doing normal household chores. Climbing stairs instead of using a lift. Sit down on the floor than sitting on the couch. Cutting grass and weeds, planting and gardening make us active and helps to get vitamin Directly from the sun. These steps to be followed in addition to regular exercise makes to stay active and some fitness tips for pregnant women.

8. Listen to your body

Listen to your body to choose whether it suits you or no. It is not advisable to do or the follow the physician provided information. Just follow your body. Not all the exercises suggested by the doctors are good, sometimes it may cause pain/hurt or discomfort. In such cases, listen to your body. Whether to follow or unfollow the advice. Should follow the things, unless it is harmful to you or else just skip it.


Every woman has different pregnant and delivery stories, not all of them are common. So do not conclude a thing just because your friend or other is right. Do what comforts you and your baby. Avoid liquor drinking, smoking and caffeine habits these may cause miscarriage. Pregnant women should be conscious of her health and also the baby’s health.

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