Boost Your Facebook Marketing with these Tips

Facebook is a popular social media for connecting with many friends and the easiest way of discovering known or new people. This site has more than one billion active users. Marketing a product or business via Facebook is more effective and easily reachable to many peoples and followers. Facebook allows its users to create a personal profile, business pages for an organization and group or community for a particular product or organization. Thereby engage with their followers constantly and give updates about their products or service regularly.

facebook Marketing

Who are engaged with Facebook marketing and why?

It is very essential for a business to create a website and these sites are linked to the Facebook business page for advertising. Both paid and organic advertising is available in the Facebook marketing, regardless of the business/ product or service is either small or big.

Branding purpose

Foods, fashion, electronic appliances, home goods, and many other things are promoted in these platforms to make people familiar with their brand which increases their business graphs.

Business page

Either one’s business is small or large, they are supposed to create a facebook page for their business to improve customers to fans and make them visit their store frequently.

Popular personalities

Includes actors, musicians, politicians or any other celebrities are nowadays create a fan page for the regular interactions

Non-profit organizations

It includes trusts, charity homes, and NGO organizations to get support, fund and sharing useful things until it reaches the needy people.

Following are the types of Facebook marketing

Organic or unpaid advertising

The superb free marketing tool is creating a facebook business page. The business page provides information about the business, products, and offers by sharing the newsfeeds with videos, images, links, posts, and contents related to their business in a better sense. First, the facebook page is created, and then sends an invitation to like their page, once got liked by the people, they become their follower and their posts are visible in the followed people newsfeed. This is organic Facebook marketing or unpaid distribution of posts.

Facebook ads manager

Facebook ads manager is a paid version of Facebook marketing, in which the ads for the desktop and mobile. In the case of desktop sponsored advertising are occupied the right end of the newsfeed, which contains the product name, small description and concern link for detailed information.

Whereas in the mobile compatible version it appears as a normal newsfeed, under the product name it is mentioned as “sponsored”, providing the feature of the brand, small content related to the brand and click-through button.

These Facebook ads should target the customers carefully, test them constantly and segment the customers whether the products meet the customer’s needs or not. It should follow whether the product is reaching the right customers for the successful implementation of a Facebook ad.

Facebook open graph

The Facebook open graph is promoting others app including music, videos or any app which can be logged in using the facebook account. One can use the facebook login prompt to start with the concerned app. Example Spotify is a music app, using the facebook login prompt in order to listen to pieces of music. Hence businesses can create the third-party app, which connects to a user when a user performs a specific action with the app, it posts on Facebook. Whenever a particular third party app prompts their users to log in with Facebook, which implies it connected with the user via the Facebook open graph, itself a powerful Facebook marketing tool.

Promoting Facebook posts

Organic advertising of a facebook page is not guaranteed that followers viewed the post from business page end for sure, since the user may flood other posts and newsfeed. Facebook page owners have to pay the flat rate in order to reach their facebook page to the maximum certain number of peoples. In the promoted posts increases the chance of being seen the user’s newsfeed regarding their post, added with the option to reach the friends of fans. It is a simple process to get connected with many people.

Hosting Facebook contest

Businesses are using a third-party app, for conduct contest, but the sign in of these contest via the users facebook login prompt. Whenever facebook conducting a contest it is not directly through Facebook itself, it is also a facebook marketing tactic to increase the followers, thereby creating brand awareness.


Facebook marketing can be effectively done using the above methods in order to increase the followers and fans by making then familiar with their product and insist them to purchase mannerly. It has a built-in ad performance measuring tools; hence one need not search for the performance of the app. These types of advertising are set to budgets. Targets the people based on their interest by having the regular study of the user’s newsfeed history, thereby providing the right products to reach the right consumers.

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