Little known facts about wildlife-and why they matter

Wildlife plays an important role by balancing the ecosystem and provides stability to nature. Wildlife includes all kind of wild animals and other undomesticated species includes insects, reptiles, birds, reptiles and even microorganisms. They maintain the food web or food chains. Every organism has a unique place in this world and provides a healthy ecosystem in their way. Today many if the organisms and animal species are getting endangered results in disturbing the food web. Forests have been destroyed by the humans for their urbanization or farming or any other reasons. Thereby threatening the wildlife in an extinct path. Poaching and hunting of the animals, reptiles and other marine species for their fur, leather, meat, medicinal values and also for other reasons, leads to extinction of a particular species.

Wildlife not only helps to maintain the ecosystem but also acts as natural scavengers. Some birds include the vultures and eagle helps to scavenge the dead bodies of the animals and microorganism includes bacteria, fungi, and others help to decompose the animals and plants, thereby providing natural nutrients for the trees and plants. Apart from these, there are several unknown facts about wildlife. Let us discuss below briefly.

Facts about wildlife

Some unknown facts about the lion

Lion lives in a group called pride. A normal pride consists of about 15 members to 40 members and their size may up to 100 square miles. It belongs to cat species. A male lion is roughly about 8 feet length and 500 pounds weight. A male lion’s roar can be heard far as five miles away. In this wildlife culture, lions are called “king of the jungle”. Though they are jungle kings lives in plains and grasslands. Male lions stay home and watch their group called pride and female lioness do hunting. But male lions eat first what the lioness brings for them. They are generally found all over world’s forest includes Africa, North America, north India, Europe and other parts of Asia.


Tiger lives in a group called ambush or streak. They also belong to cat species. It is the biggest of all the cat species, weighs 800 pounds and 11 feet long. They are nocturnal animals. They prefer hunting at night time than the daytime. Tiger cubs are born blind and after 15 months only the slowly the eyesight. The sad thing, only half of the born cub is survived, remaining cubs are dies of hunger and cold, sometimes even the male tiger ate them, is bad about their wildlife. Unlike lion, here female tiger take care of their cubs and male tiger do hunting. They love to play and swim in water. The average lifespan for a tiger is 20 to 25 years. A stripe found on the tiger body is unique and similar to human fingerprints, to identify themselves. Unlike lions, they are humble to their group and rarely roar. Commonly found in Asia, Europe, China, etc.


The giraffe is the tallest wildlife mammal in the world. It is recorded that it can grow up to 6 feet tall. They are plant-eating mammals and rarely drink water since they mostly get hydrated by eating plants. Like all other mammals, it also consists of 7vertebrate. They have bluish pale tongue about 4-0 cm long, due to high melanin content for surviving in the over hot region. Giraffes cannot reach the ground by bending, instead, they awkwardly bending by spreading the front legs, called pacing. They can sleep and give birth by standing. Newly born male and female giraffes have a horn, which infuses into the skull after maturing. Giraffes have specific coat pattern unique with other giraffes, similar to human fingerprints. Most commonly found in North and South African forests.


There are about 8 wildlife species of bear. Bear has two types of fur. Short fur is kept them warm and long fur prevents water. Generally, bear hibernate during the winter; it is like a long sleep, unlike coma. Male and female bear follows a courtship relation that is the female should take care of their little ones at least for three years. Out of 8 species, a polar bear is carnivore and others are omnivores, can eat both plant and meat. Normal heartbeat for a bear is 40 bpm but is 8bpm during hibernation.


Elephants live in a group called herds, about 30 elephants in a herd. They are quite intelligent animals, their memory power is limitless. Its brain is similar to the human brain; hence it can enjoy and play music and art, and also can suffer to post-traumatic stress disorder. Elephants can recognize themselves in seeing the mirror. The normal lifespan for an elephant is about 60 – 70 years and weighs up to 24000 pounds and 4 meters high. Their herd is lead by adult females and female take care of their little ones. They enjoy bathing and playing in the water. Elephant’s large ear helps them to radiate excess heat from their body.


Conserve wildlife for the sake of the ecosystem, like us they too have families and groups, save animals and prevent theme extinction. It is our duty. Thank you for reading this article, do share this article with your friends. Thank you. Good luck.

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