Top 6 Biggest Affiliate marketing Companies in India

Affiliate marketing is one of the types of marketing, in when one refer any online products to other through the online shopping sites, based on our recommendation, if that person buys the product, then he we will get some commission. The commissions vary, depends on the product we promote. Below given how it works.

  • Online shopper decides to buy a product.
  • He chooses an online affiliate site.
  • Then he redirects into another merchant side.
  • If the online buyer purchases the product, then the merchant receives some commissions for his effort.

Most of the online companies sell them any kind of products or services, using the online affiliate marketing program. Once we sign up for the affiliate program we are getting a unique tracking link to recommend the particular companies website. If an online buyer shops anything through the affiliate link, then we will get a commission. There are several affiliate marketing companies in India. Out of all here we listed top 6 affiliate marketing companies in our country.


Flipkart is the largest revenue generating online retail store over the years. Any kind of purchasing can be done here from books to study materials, fashions to home appliances, furniture, baby care products, electronics, sports, books, gaming, and automobile spare parts etc. Flipkart provides the commission ranges from a minimum of 4% to 12 %, depends upon the products we are recommending. If we want to be part of Flipkart affiliate marketing, what we need is to get sign up and start promoting the products through your link. You can get the commission from the Flipkart site depending on the products we promoted or sold.

Flipkart deals with: electronics, books, eBooks’, baby care products, articles of clothing, accessories, types of furniture, kitchen, etc.


Amazon is also a very big online shopping website apart from various products, including fashion to furniture and every other thing. It has their own grown products like Kindle, Amazon prime video, etc. It provides the affiliate marketing sites a decent commission for every purchase by their merchant links via Amazon sites. Amazon site also provides cost per install (CPI), whenever the Amazon app is installed by the customer through the merchant sites; Amazon site provides a very decent commission.

Amazon deals with electronics, furniture, clothes, books, etc and also kindle, Amazon prime, etc.

MakeMyTrip affiliate program

India’s one of the largest online travel company. It provides online affiliate program for the publishers to get a chance to earn commission on the sale of international or domestic tickets and also for the bus ticket booking they get a decent commission through the publishers’ site. This online travel affiliate program offers multiple earning because the site itself provides great discounts and offers. To get more commission the publishers include the attractive offers and discounts on their website content, thereby increase the conversion rates and get more commissions.

MakeMyTrip deals with air ticket, bus ticket booking etc

Godaddy affiliate program

Godaddy affiliate program is also one of the highest pay affiliate program. Godaddy is a well-known domain registering, web hosting and related products and service providing company. Every domain registering or web hosting services, through the publisher’s site, he will get a fair amount of commission. The publishers should provide the contents of package offer for website hosting and domain registration or renewal details in his site. Affiliate marketing program doesn’t require any amount of registration fees or anything, hence no for the publisher.

Godaddy deals with: website hosting, domain registering, domain and website renewal, etc


Jabong is an India largest fashion products website. Jabong also provides affiliate marketing programs and the publishers have the variety of products include the kids, men, women accessories, clothing, shoes, bags, belts, and others. Affiliate marketing links are provided the website for the publishers. Publishers put the contents regarding the offers and discounts for the stuff and attract the customers and make them purchase via their sites in order to get a commission.

Jabong deals with; fashions include accessories, shoes, sports, coolers, belts, bags and watches, etc


eBay is a largest affiliated company in the largest online site providing various consumer products to other services and products. It includes clothes, accessories, and furniture and home appliances. Apart from that it also provides the website hosting, domain new registration and renewal and products and services related to that.

For several affiliate marketing, one can sign in and start the procedures and start earning. Good luck. Thanks for reading the article and share with your friends.

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